A Bike Helmet with Turn Signals? Meet the Lumos Smart Helmet

Engineers Eu-wen Ding and Jeff Chen designed helmet for riders with embedded lights that signal when the bicycle turns left or right or stiff. Helmet Lumos won the match Beazley Designs of the Year 2016 in the category Transportation design. This helmet helps cyclists and drivers to feel freer and safer on the roads.

On the helmet are 60 LED lights on the front, back and sides that glow in different colors that show next move. For example, when the cyclist will put the brakes lights are red. The helmet wirelessly connects to a device on the steering wheel of the bicycle. Lumos replaces the standard lights that are on the bike that specifically attached, but riders often forget to put them.

This helmet is waterproof, which means it can be worn when it rains. Lights of a button, and is charged via USB. Remote take months before you need to fill, and the helmet can be worn for about a month if used 30 minutes a day.