Evacuations ordered near California dam system

For the population downstream from the highest dam in the United States in northern California is ordered an emergency evacuation after authorities reported that the dam might relent due to cracks that opened the great water pressure after heavy rains.

“Immediate evacuation is ordered of the area downstream of the dam,” informed the sheriff of Oroville via social networks, noting several times that it is not a drill.

California Institute for military resources tweeted last night that the dam is expected to let up at any moment.

188,000 people are evacuated. “Whenever in a short time must evacuate many people we can expect chaos,” said Corey Honeth by local police. Most of the evacuees are housed in hotels in the local area who are not directly threatened. Although the amount of water entering through the cracks decreases, the weather does not go hand in departments that are trying to prevent a disaster.

In the coming weeks will be debated what could have been done earlier. LA Times writes that over ten years have argued that the dam should be strengthened to avoid exactly this situation. Many groups to protect the environment then warned of the problem, but the authorities ignored.