Floating Gym in Paris Is Powered by Human Energy

Italian architects of the firm “Carlo Ratti Associati” came to a very innovative idea to make gym that will float down the river Seine in Paris called “Paris Navigating Gym”. In addition to being creative, this idea is excellent because the gym sail through human energy it receives while people exercise. Brilliant!

The glass roof allows people to see the Eiffel Tower while they work out, which makes the whole experience even more amazing and unforgettable. This ship for exercise is 20 meters long and can hold up to 45 people. It has a bicycle for exercise, sports trainers and displays that report on current weather conditions on the river Seine.

The ship is composed like this:


The fitness gear is connected with inverter (a circuit that converts direct current into alternating) that converts energy from the rotation of the pedals into electricity. So energy from the device and the user energizes the ship.


“This project explores the possibility of preserving human energy. Fascinating is that energy from exercise can be used to move a boat! This way you can directly see which implies the abstract concept of ‘power’, “said Carlo Ratti, the founder of the company.

The best news is that in the summer the gym will be open roof.