“Greenery” is the color of 2017 by Pantone

Renowned Institute for color company Pantone revealed the color of the year – named greenery, it is a greenish tinge described as “sharp, spicy-yellow-green” characteristic for leaves and greenery. According to this Pantone color brings freshness and invites us all to research, make experiment and renewal.

-As an Illustration of flourishing the greenery, fruit attributes of “green” signal a deep breath, oxygen and recovery – explained from Pantone.

The color “green” is a hope, our connection with nature, rebirth. Executive director of Pantone, Leatrice Eiseman, in an interview for New York Times said the choice was made in response to the “stress in this tense world” where we live.

This color, with code Pantone 15-0343, in September was mentioned by the institute as one of the ten colors in the fashion industry for spring 2017. In that interview she advised the color greenery to be use in fashion, interior design, packaging design, product design and other areas related with many of your imagination and creation.