Maui’s sunrise is so special that you have to pay to see it


Officials in the National Park of Hawaii, Haleakala or House of the Sun, located in Maui, were forced to introduce reservations to watch the sunrise from their highest peak, to prevent crowds of tourists, according Telegraph. The spectacular sight at dawn began to attract thousands of tourists daily in the past year.

Beside that officials of the national park said they afraid that big number of tourists became a threat to the natural environment, including rare plants and endangered species of sea birds.

To prevent this, from 1 February began with the introduction of provisions for viewing the sunrise and every tourist who wants to see this natural beauty will have to pay $ 1.50. In addition, you will need to pay an entrance fee to the park, which costs $ 20.

‘If you ever went up there, you would see that fully half to three-quarters of our visitors who are watching the sunrise are either taking photos that they immediately broadcast to their friends, or filming it,’ one of the employees said.

However, there is another reason for limiting visitors. In fact, although only 16% of visitors come to visit the park early in the morning, they are the cause of almost half of medical interventions during the day. It’s dark and rocky place. And when people are away from the crowd to find their own path, can often slip and fall, after which you must intercept the medical team- she added.

This park is not the only one who is a “victim” of the growing number of tourists. Last year, UNESCO has expressed concern about the situation of Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, which daily attracted up to 15,000 tourists.