Michelle Obama’s Reaction To Melania Trump Gift Went Viral

Face expression which made Michelle Obama, and that shows she is not delighted that the new first lady of her door comes with a gift, and it became a hit on social networks.

The new first couple greeted the Obamas at the White House as tradition dictates on Inauguration Day.

No matter how far from her native Slovenia, where still apply Balkan rules for carrying a gift when you go for a first time to a stranger’s house, wife of Donald Trump and the new First Lady, Melania, solve the first arrival at the White House not to appears with empty hands.

Melania bring a gift of “Tiffany”, and handed to the wife of Barack Obama, Michelle. It surprised everyone, given that according to the protocol it is not provided to give gifts to this type meetings. That Melania had not acted as intended, it showed the reaction to Michelle, confused by the gift.

Some of the comments are that Melania will be a wayward first lady, which will be guided by her own rules and not according to protocol.


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