Renogy Phoenix charges phones, laptops and other gadgets

When it comes to portable devices that generate solar energy market is flooded with small chargers for small devices. But when it comes for larger devices like laptops there is less choice. However, more startups are working on saturation and that segment of the market and Renogy is one of the strongest competitors.

The solar generator Renogy Phoenix is ​​designed to be a complete solution for all devices with 20-watt solar panels. The generator looks like an ordinary briefcase, and when you open the two halves has a solar panel of 10 watts which powered internal lithium-ion battery, but can be used and closed.

On Phoenix you can plug additional solar panels to a maximum of 120 watts for faster charging or to use when the sun is strongest. On the small LCD screen you can see how much is charged internal battery. “Our vision is very clear – to simplify the use of solar energy so as to make it more accessible and easier to use. We want to change the world through clean energy and safe products,” says CEO of Renogy, Yi Li.

Because of the dimensions this solar briefcase is excellent not only for excursions to places where there is no electricity grid but also for emergencies or natural disasters. Renogy Phoenix can be ordered exclusively through Amazon, where the current price is $588.