South Central Ventures will invest 2 million euros in Bulb Tech

Investment fund South Central Ventures (SC Ventures) made its largest investment till now, investing 2 million euros in the Croatian company Bulb Technologies.

The company Bulb Technologies is a software company that focuses on the telecom sector by offering a platform for user support and enhance the user experience. The main product of the company is CEMPRESSO, which is a solution for management of user experience that provides automated diagnostics, analytics and organized support, mainly intended for contact centers in the telecom sector.

CEMPRESSO platform offers the ability to automatically identify the problem that one user has it, showing the entire topology of the used services. This helps employee to make a contact and to identify problem even when they have less technical knowledge. In some situations it allows users themselves to identify problems through the application and report the case.

The company Bulb Technologies was founded in 2006 by Vedran Neven and Rezart Stipchevik with a team of engineers who previously worked in the telecom industry. In the next year the company will get Deutsche Telekom, Telekom Austria Group and United Group. Currently the company has over 40 employees and is based in Zagreb, Croatia.

“Bulb Technologies helps telecom operators to deliver key strategic priorities and big user experience. The partnership with the South Central Ventures will allow us to progress faster expansion in the global market and improve the services of CEMPRESSO product. “- Said Vedran Rezart, one of the founders of the company.
With this investment, SC Ventures once again confirms its dominant position as a major investment funds that move forward Balkan startups and put a stop to the excuses of skeptics that there is no money on the Balkans for business start-ups.