The Dream Chaser is the new space taxi


Space Shuttle definitely returns, only with a different name. Last week in the research center “Armstrong Flight” in California arrived space taxi Dream Chaser. This aircraft will be part of the NASA program to supply the International Space Station. Besides Sierra Nevada Corporation, the company behind this spacecraft, the station would supply and SpaceX of Elona Musk and Orbital ATK, but these two would supply the station with the help of capsules, and Sierra Nevada Corporation will use space taxi Dream Chaser.

Before its first flight, scheduled for 2019, the spacecraft must pass a series of tests. They will confirm the final design and that all systems are in order for the task. If everything goes according to plan and Dream Chaser without problem realize its six flights down to 2024, it is certain that NASA will consider to carry crew. It is predicted the aircraft to be used at least 15 times, more than any other aircraft.