The ice library on Lake Baikal in Russia

Although fans of the books want in the comfort of his warm and cozy home or a warm spot to enjoy the written word, a Russian city received the first library in the world made of ice, and all the words in it are derived from the people around the world.

The library is located on the frozen Lake Baikal in Baikalsk, Northern Siberia and is made of 200 tons of blocks of ice. They are shaped like a maze and were engraved short phrases.

The project is a creative idea of the local tourist office. “Last year we announced that we want to create a library of miracles and asked people to send us their dreams and desires,” says the director of the tourism bureau and chief librarian at the library of ice, Maxim Kvostishkov.

They began to receive phrases from people around the world. To date they have more than 1,000 phrases engraved in the structure of ice, and there are English, Chinese, Korean and other languages.

Although the construction of frost is a real monument of literature derived from the people, unfortunately, these words will soon run out. They expect this library to last until April, which normally starts defrosting Lake Baikal.

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