Vogue puts diversity on the cover of 125th anniversary issue


The legendary fashion magazine “Vogue” recently celebrated its 125-year existence, and on that occasion brought together the currently most popular models.

On the cover of the jubilee edition of “Vogue” appeared Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Liu Wen, Imaan Hammam, Awvoa Aboah, Vitoria Ceretti, and plus size model Ashley Graham:

Frontpage whose theme was “celebrating diversity” came under fire of criticism from the public that there weren’t really much diversity, and even different races trying to merge into unified clones.

In addition, most of the shock of criticism find and Ashley Graham, who was accused of hypocrisy sells stories that she loves her body, and here is trying to look weaker and blended with other girls, and her body on all photos is “smoothed” with Photoshop.

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